Levl 1 Lawful Cleric


Praetorius Cleric Lvl: 1

STR-11 DEX-13 CON-14 INT-13 WIS-17 CHA-14

hp: 6 ac:6

Attack: 0(19) 1(18) 2(17) 3(16) 4(15) 5(14) 6(13) 7(12) 8(11) 9(10)

Saving Throws: Breath: 16 Poison/Death: 11 Petrify/Paralyze: 14 Wands: 12 Spells/Devices 13


Equipment: Mace (1d6) Sling (20) Studded Leather (7) Helmet Backpack Holy Symbol Lantern Oil (6) Blanket Bedroll Trail Rations (7) Waterskin (1) Iron Spikes (12) Hammer

Spells: Cure Light Wounds (1) Detect Evil Detect Magic Light Protection From Evil Purify Food & Water Remove Fear Resist Cold


A cleric of “the church” who grew up in Forks but moved to Dolmvay as a young adult to pursue a career in divinity. Prae is the catalyst for the PC’s getting involved in The Den of the Morlock Shaman. His exact relationship to the kidnapped children can be adapted… probably either direct kin or family friend.

He is a member of “the church” in Forks, and having grown up in that congregation, he will have considerable history and knowledge of it’s tradition.

Shortly after the Morlocks begin actively raiding the village, Prae receives a letter asking for help from a someone he knows there. It will take several weeks to get his leave from the order, recruit a rescue party and get organized enough to set out for Forks.


Beginnings Praetorius