Level 1 Lawful Fighter


Chaunie Fighter Lvl:1

STR-16 DEX-14 CON-17 INT-13 WIS-10 CHA-16

hp: 10 ac: 2

Attack: 0(17) 1(16) 2(15) 3(14) 4(13) 5(12) 6(11) 7(10) 8(9) 9(8)

Saving Throws: Breath: 15 Poison/Death: 14 Petrify/Paralyze: 14 Wands: 13 Spells/Devices: 16

Gold: 8

Equipment: Bastard Sword (1d8 – 2d4) Spear (1d6) Light Crossbow (1d6) Ammo (20) Splint Mail Armor (4) Helmet Shield Backpack Bedroll Blanket Torches (8) Hemp Rope Trail Rations (7) 2- Wineskin Flint & Steel Crowbar


Chaunie of the Black Sod is a sell sword out of Dolmvay. He takes his title from the fertile farming lands along the river where his family lived and worked as serfs to Baron Tristain, holder of lands to the north.

Shortly after turning 13, Chaunie was sold into service of the Barony. With a natural athletic gift, he was quickly trained in the Baron’s standard militia. In his 15th year, Chaunie was traded to the Grand Dutchy Brigade’s Dolmvay Regulars. After two more years in this service, he was granted his leave and began selling his own sword in town.


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